MindHacker is the only process to identify tasks, mental links, values and social context available on the market. It carries out the universal and deep analysis on what is happening within the body, mind and emotions of the consumer at the moment of purchase planning or the purchase itself.

MindHacker was developed to discover the deep insights and build breakthrough strategic and tactical recommendations based on them. Only MindHacker shows:

What consumers really want
What your place on the market is
Where your competitors are
Where you can find a vacant and profitable market space
How you can monetise consumer expectations
Our method is about understanding the mind and emotions of the buyer at three points in time
  • When a purchase is being considered
  • At purchase
  • When a product is used
Typical situations when we apply the MindHacker method
  • Products are selling poorly
  • Similar competitive products are selling better
  • The market is rapidly changing
  • No one knows how buyers make their decisions
  • No one knows how to position the brand

Do you want to know more?

From the BlueFox glossary

Consumer tasks

a deep insight into customer motivation. It assumes that a customer’s goal is to carry out a certain task in specific circumstances. So, a customer is searching for a helpful solution. In general, a customer is not able to define the expected product, customer motivation often results from irrational sources. Therefore, tasks are not related to products or services and often remain unchanged in time as opposed to solutions applied to carry them out.

Mental links

any and all buyer criteria on which a buyer searches for a problem solution. They create the mental accessibility, or simplicity, of brand recollection at the moment of decision-making. Our task is to identify mental links under which a customer makes the decision on purchase and identify whether the brands or products known to us are among them, and to shift them to a set of active associations of a customer taken into consideration at the moment of purchase.