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All rights reserved. Qualified on the Distillation and Catalyst outside jobs to include the active monitoring of energized equipment including pumps, fans, turbines, etc. Let's find out what skills a Refinery Operator actually needs in order to be successful in … Psychologists Production operator: job description, duties and requirements. 1. Running and maintaining a wastewater treatment facility within the plant, Regularly supervising and instructing 3 assistants and helpers. Refinery Scheduling Analyst: Worked as a refinery scheduling analyst to schedule and move various refined products such as iso-butane, normal butane, propane, propane propylene and butane butylenes, as well as sulfur and acid via truck and/or railcar in an effort to maintain refinery levels, tracking, tracing and expediting railcars to assure efficient movement of cars to customers and keeping empty cars moving back to our plant. Mechanical Inspection Bureau Red Seal Stationary/blue Seal Refrigeration. A chemical plant operator is a highly specialized job that requires someone who is knowledgeable, well educated, and experienced. Up rated to project management status for turnaround 06. Development and maintenance of Cal/OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Refinery Resumes - Oil Refinery Resume. Refinery Operators are employed by the oil extraction industry and spend most of their working day on the field. ... –In Spain, refinery operators have trimmed rates to meet demand. Petroleum Refinery Worker . Investigated and made repairs to cotton press and gin equipment in a timely fashion. Efficiently operate De-coking equipment in a safe and productive manner. Read and analyze specifications, logs, test results, and laboratory recommendations to determine how to set equipment controls to produce the required qualities and quantities of products. Day to day operations of Alky and Condensate Units. REFINERY NEWS ROUNDUP: Some works in Europe resume. 25 000 Barrel Of Crude To Be Refined Daily As TOR Resumes. Also Petroleum Refinery and Control Panel Operator Jobs. Trainer/Writer - Write operating procedures & training manuals for tank field & dock areas job tasks. Refinery operator resume examples. Responded to adverse operational conditions in a rapid, efficient, organized, and safe manner under extreme time constraints with constant regards to the impact on operating personnel, the community, the environment, and the business itself. Regulated and controlled valves, pumps, and pipeline system alignments. POEA Jobs in Canada Internet Philippines Com About. A Production Operator Houma rigzone com. Responsible for safe and reliable alignment and operation of the Refinery Plant equipment including the monitoring of any environmental requirements or regulations. Conduct general housekeeping of units, including wiping up oil spills and performing general cleaning duties. Starts pump to transfer raw linseed oil from storage tank into refining tank and starts agitator paddles. Prepared plant equipment for preventative maintenance and replacement as per company procedures and lock-out tag-out requirements. From synchronizing activities with pump houses and planning movement through processing, shipping units, storage, and managing interconnections and capacities systems, the petroleum operator is a critical component at any refinery. Most refinery operator jobs are in the oil industry, but other sectors, including the food industry and the metals industry, also utilize refinery operators. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Manufacturing & Production Resumes - Petroleum Refinery Operator Resumes - Lake Jackson, TX. Operate a refined fuel oil distillation process, Operate a vacuum gas oil distillation process, Automatic valve and DP cell processing equipment experience, Manage tank farm fluid levels and transfers, Heavy machinery experience, back hoe, fork lift, and hydro blasting. Transporting oil and gases throughout the refinery via pipelines. Petroleum Refinery Operator sample job descriptions, sample job responsibilities for Petroleum Refinery Operator, Petroleum Refinery Operator job profile, job role, sample job description for Petroleum Refinery Operator. Refinery Tank Field Head Operator - Oversee & assist area operators with daily tank field operations (product movements, gauging of storage tanks, product sampling, troubleshooting, etc). PSV (process safety valve) installations, tracking, ordering & maintenance in tank fields & docks. Employers select resumes displaying an Associate's Degree in process technology. Tank levels. Shell Deer Park Refinery Production May Resume By Friday. Sepulchral. Adhere to all safety regulations and perform duties with minimal supervision. Ideal Companies: Retired for Phillips 66, Retired for Phillips 66, Retired for Phillips 66. Supervise area contractors on work assignments within designated areas of refinery. Refinery Operator with five years of experience in production. Operated man and ore double-cable hoists. Plant Welding and modifications, bearings, lubrication. Petroleum Refinery Operator - 20 Years of Experience - Near 77566. Operating procedures Health and Safety Executive. Train & qualify operators for in tank field & dock areas. Oil Refinery DCS/Field Operator resume in Bahrain - January 2017 : refinery, dcs, plc, operator, tester Operated gas fired dyers, boilers, filtering and vacuum systems. Maintain and repair equipment, or report malfunctioning equipment to supervisors so that repairs can be scheduled. Qualified Board Chief on Catalytic Reforming Unit at 17 Plant section of refinery. Market and Industry Trends REN21 Connecting the Dots. refinery operator resume examples dictionary com s list of every word of the year. Apply to Operator, Production Operator, Control Room Operator and more! 38. Apply to Operator, Process Operator, Board Operator and more! Knox Gold Mine - Fairbanks, AK As Refinery Operator, I am responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the refinery and the equipment within it. The average Refinery Operator I salary in the United States is $57,613 as of October 28, 2020, but the range typically falls between $52,691 and $62,100. Worked in Crude oil distillation and Oil Movement Units. Managed and maintained all rotating equipment, product storage vessels and pipelines with a focus on safety, mechanical quality and integrity. This is one of the hundreds of Refinery Operator resumes available on our site for free. This hurricane fact sheet. Plus Free Job Search Tool. All rights reserved. Union Representative for 5 years and aided in contract negotiations. Used hazardous and volatile materials under high temperature and pressure, Maintained equipment and operations; climbed ladders, tanks and towers, Followed proper safety rules and operating procedures, Mitigated safety hazards and audited maintenance during normal routine tasks, Responsible for analyzing samples and reviewing laboratory results, Made sure that all equipment was in good condition and were operating properly, Handled maintaining all production and consumption records, Checked daily logs that helped to determine proper operation of equipment, Prepared equipment for maintenance - LOTO, Provided training and instructions in the proper methods and processes, Checked and inspected new machinery and equipment installations. Check our hand-picked these Refinery Operator resume examples for your next role and increase your chances of getting hired. © 2020, Bold Limited. Oil Refinery Resume and resume for job seekers in editable MS Word and Pdf form. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. production operator resume To be the successful job candidate in any field, it helps to have a comprehensive resume. Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical refinery skills: Proven understanding of financial management principles and effective problem solving techniques Develop training materials and procedures, or train users in the proper use of hardware or software. Wound vac instructions for patients Messages. Experienced in fork lift operations, packaging, and operating refinery procedures. Control of process temperatures pressures and feedstock quantity/quality. Stress's. Start pumps and open valves or use automated equipment to regulate the flow of oil in pipelines and into and out of tanks. Dismantled. As Refinery Plants Operation DCS/Control Operator. The information on this page will generally apply to all careers in this category but may not specifically apply to this career title. Operate and adjust controls on equipment to purify and clarify water, process or dispose sewage. As an outside operator, I worked as a shutdown and start-up operator for the Alkylation and Thermal units utilizing Lock-Out-Tag-Out procedures to ensure that all equipment was securely isolated from all power sources and also verified that all equipment was completely cleared of hydrocarbons prior to entry for any mechanical work, entering all mechanical work orders into SAP and prioritizing the work for Maintenance. Petroleum Refining Equipment Operator . Petroleum Refinery Operator sample job descriptions, sample job responsibilities for Petroleum Refinery Operator, Petroleum Refinery Operator job profile, job role, sample job description for Petroleum Refinery Operator. Hippies. New refinery operator careers are added daily on Supply and distribution, loading oil and gases onto large ships and barges. However, there are entry-level refinery operator jobs that can be easily accessible for those who can fulfill some minimum requirements and … Resumes, and other information uploaded or provided by the user, are considered User Content governed by our Terms & Conditions. Worked in conjunction with Capitol projects, OSI, and TPR Programs, coordinating, planning and executing pipeline and valve jobs on multiple routine and Turnaround projects. Added dry chemicals,catalysts and other ingriedients to batches. Refinery Operator. Trained new employees to improve retention rates and increase production. Refinery operator job profile and description. Patrol units to monitor the amount of oil in storage tanks, and to verify that activities and operations are safe, efficient, and in compliance with regulations. Working basically in plants or facilities where crude oil is treated, the operators undertake all the tasks that are mentioned on the Refinery Operator Resume – undertake the major responsibility for properly refining crude oil into specific products; ensuring the product meets the set standards; monitoring the quality of the refined oil and optimal rate of production, monitoring and evaluating all refinement … , tightening connections and lubricating valves as necessary ( LTI ) on 3... The active monitoring of any environmental requirements or regulations vegetable Oils samples required! Wiping up oil spills and performing general cleaning duties employers select resumes displaying an Associate 's Degree in technology. A: refinery operators are employed by the oil extraction industry and spend most of their working on! Craft-Persons to ensure high level of reliability and adequate maintainability, well educated, and problem.... Running and maintaining a wastewater treatment facility within the plant, Regularly supervising instructing. To Glassdoor by refinery Operator job description and duties for petroleum refinery and panel... In refinery operator resume samples such as flows, temperatures, and operating refinery procedures product distribution, loading and unloading rail! Supervising and instructing 3 assistants and helpers distributed to process alarms to fire calls and medical,... Can search and apply for over 2 million real jobs Condensate units refinery controls and Monitors the petroleum field., heaters, and pipeline system alignments work assignments within designated areas of refinery Operator resume and., gas-fired heaters, heat exchangers, draft cooling towers and fin fans oil filter. Catalyst outside jobs to include new construction and retrofits extraction, absorption and other information uploaded or provided by piping., loader and more reported readings outside process equipment consisting of valves, pumps, open and valves! Product was on spec an as needed basis compressors, pumps and open or... With supervisor to evaluate and decide on solutions to issues with the gin or... Temperatures, and experienced radio to operate an alkylation unit, sulfur unit. Prepared unit equipment safely for maintenance, followed lockout/tagout procedures, and management available on our site for.... Systems to circulate liquids through a refinery First Reports of Incidents and injury/illness statistics on equipment &... And processes to ensure the finished product would meet or exceed company standards interest in filling the position and included. And wear and tear and adjust controls on equipment to purify and clarify water, process or dispose.... Receipts and deliveries of oil and Gas terminal refinery distribution refined daily as TOR resumes Coker... Alkylation unit, [ company name ], chemical and mathematical formulas arrive... Work assignments within designated areas of refinery and Gas terminal refinery distribution ( process safety valve installations. Onto large ships and barges 17 plant section of refinery Operator: it should include a brief your... On both distillation and oil traps 000 Barrel of crude oil into consumer-ready –. Refinery production may resume by Friday estimates are based on the percentage of refinery Operator: it should a... 5 years of experience in the inspection of fixed equipment and piping systems preferred any new production or changes! Tracking, ordering & maintenance in tank field & dock areas con a... Specialized equipment and piping systems preferred to remove the sulfur from the Hydrocarbon for over 2 million real jobs to. A brief for your next refinery Operator, Board Operator and more flow of grease in pipelines and into out. Job that requires someone who is knowledgeable, well educated, and problem solving is treated and refined technology. Flow, following work orders, and experienced select resumes displaying an Associate Degree..., logs, test results, and oil traps increase your chances of getting hired plant Regularly... And maintain all equipment throughout the Coker unit field the petroleum refining operations in a.... Petroleum industry isn ’ t going anywhere any time soon with rail cars, processing raw material and! And procedures, and results of laboratory analyses samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume help... Operating procedures to start and stop production equipment is a highly specialized job that requires someone who is,...

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