We integrate many research methods to achieve the most complex picture of how a client thinks, feels and decides.


Deep analysis at brain level. Measurement of customer experience and response in natural and laboratory conditions. Utilisation of the latest equipment for EEG, EyeTracking, GSR and emotion detection from facial expressions, and innovative research methodologies.


Qualitative research – individual and group interviews. An opportunity to learn about the world of consumers, their experiences and problems defined in their own words, language and sets of notions.


Participating and accompanying observation techniques. An opportunity to observe the consumers in their inherent environment, during their daily routines, in encounters with a brand, product or service.

quantitative techniques

Controlling and verifying the most important hypotheses formed in qualitative and projective analyses on a representative, profiled group of respondents.

design thinking

Innovating, designing new solutions, prototyping and testing ideas, but most of all, the understanding of a complex world of needs and expectations of users of the tested service or product.


Thorough analysis of meanings, programmes, contexts, norms and cultural values in which the client functions as well as the myths, symbols and archetypes having an active impact upon a client. The analysis of deep metaphors and the reconstruction of associative structures disclosing the ways of understanding the phenomenon being examined.