Neurojudge enables conduct of neuro-tests on individual impulses (i.a. a product, packaging, advertisement, display, shelving unit) or neuro-audits for the entire facilities and concepts.
  • Neuro-tests
    Neuro-tests may be conducted on projects, prototypes and ready-made objects.
  • Test results
    We present test results on a diagnostic matrix showing the declared (conscious) and biometric (subconscious) effectiveness of individual impulses.
  • Methodology
    The methodology provides comprehensive models and instructions – based on the non-controlled responses of the nervous system of consumers, it provides the information on the best and potentially the most successful concept.
Analysis of customer experience
Analysis of customer experience is carried out with the simultaneous use of many methods and deep analysis of effectiveness of sensory impulses
Typical situations when we apply the NeuroJudge method
  • It is unknown whether a product fits customer needs
  • It is unknown which project should be selected for implementation
  • It is unknown whether the existing projects need to be corrected
  • It is unknown which features have the highest impact on sale of a product in given industry

Instruments of biometry


Eye movement and focus tracking

Emotion detection

Reading of emotion types from the facial expression of a respondent


Stimulation of the nervous system (galvanic skin response)


Measurement of brain waves, emotions of the respondent, including engagement, focus and frustration

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