MDS is our own market control method, developed as a result of our Market Driving philosophy:

  • Diagnosis
    Diagnosis defines the level of a company’ readiness to accept the controlling position. It shows the company’s position in seven areas of management.
  • Analysis
    Analysis of game rules shows how the controlling position is currently achieved on a given market.
  • Strategy
    The selected strategy depends on company potential and the results of analysis, and a driver is designed in the framework of existing or new rules.
  • Design driver
    It is an excellently designed diagnostic stage that allows us to design drivers.
  • Market control
    Market control is taken in stages, in an evolutionary way, depending on the real standing of a company: potential building, advantage building, competitor distancing.
  • Mapping
    Implementation mapping is about formulating a list of initiatives which should be carried out to ensure the implementation of a selected strategy.

Taking control over the market is phased, evolutionary and depends on the real situation of the company.

Typical situations in which we apply the MDS method
  • Lack of ideas for a strategic growth driver
  • The existing strategy does not work
  • Moving away from strategic goals
  • Untapped company potential
  • The market is getting tougher
  • Opportunities for development are hard to define
  • Stagnation on the market and imitation as a mechanism of growth

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From the BlueFox glossary


a component, condition or process necessary/essential for the development of a company towards market control – a game changer for business, development opportunities forming the driving force of growth.