CX Architect serves as a tool to analyse and design customer experience.
  • Biometric
    By carrying out a biometric audit, we analyse the conscious engagement, motivation and emotional response of customers.
  • Ethnographic
    The ethnographic observation of customer behaviour allows us to identify the moments decisive for a positive or negative recollection of an experience and brand.
  • Benchmarking
    We also carry out benchmarking analysis, which involves an analysis of good practices applied in a given industry.
Complete solution

We find answers to questions about the impact of brand strategy on customer experience. On the basis of analyzes, we develop brand value proposals at the level of the main benefits and emotional costs of the client together with recommendations of specific actions.

Typical situations when we apply the CX Architect method
  • Stagnation in turnover and customer traffic
  • Customers leaving for competition
  • Difficulty to define what needs to be changed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

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