About us

We are not interested in following trendy patterns. We present a unique point of view of each market and the role that your organisation can play on that market.

We increase the value of enterprises by creating and supporting the implementation of market solutions based on deep insight, understanding of consumer trends and boldness in breaking existing rules.

Jacek Pogorzelski

Business Strategy Leader
500 133 609
Responsible for strategies, methodologies and project modelling, which involves finding an effective way to solve the client’s problem. He prepares the strategic diagnosis, designs the research process exploring the space of hidden opportunities and creates the analytical models leading to achieving solutions based on previously unknown opportunities.

Piotr Lutek

Customer Growth Architect
519 173 700
Responsible for the final value of a client project and the process of implementation in terms of maximum market impact. He prepares the diagnosis, materialises market opportunities and designs the ecosystem for client development towards a permanent competitive advantage base on the uncovered market space.

Tomasz Jakubowski

Cultural Insight Discoverer
604 770 926
Responsible for the semiotic and semantic analyses using advanced analytical and heuristic methods. He specialises in finding the patterns and programmes in the broadly defined cultural message which may have an impact on the systems of values, assessments and behaviour of participants.

Michał Wójcik

Data Patterns Finder
506 282 123
Coordinates the course of the research processes, diagnosis and measurements, analyses the collected information. Specialises in the interpretation of motivation and attitudes of consumers. With statistical analysis and data mining, he is able to find patterns where others see only chaos.

Konrad Klimek

Innovation Hunter
513 098 033
Responsible for innovation management. The creator of many business processes and models. Experienced coordinator of marketing projects.

Katarzyna Kuźma

Communication Booster
519 173 702
Sets the right direction and is responsible for brand communication. A creative practitioner with experience on client-side, in a media group and a consulting company.

Ewelina Ostrowska

Cognitive Research Specjalist
537 620 650
Working in the field of research on how human beings perceive the world. She works on decision-making systems to better understand what convinces us to choose a given brand and reject the other.

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