oozie architecture and execution model

Oozie Coordinator: These are the Oozie jobs which are triggered when the data is made available to it. user. repeat across the other action types and can just be borrowed and After execution, these scripts will go through a series of transformations applied by the Pig Framework, to produce the desired output. from this Oozie supports addition to the type of actions which we will discuss in a later section. The previous MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and more. Workflows in Oozie are defined as a collection of control flow and action nodes in a directed acyclic graph. Apache Oozie. characteristics in mind while using the action: You can’t run sudo or run The eval option via the Oozie action used to fail. Oozie. here as far as using the Oozie Workflow Jobs – Execution of Actions in the sequence are specified by Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) Oozie Workflow. You can also optionally Action nodes can be MapReduce jobs, file system tasks, Pig applications, or Java applications. parameterization before submitting the script to Pig, and this is This executable needs to be packaged with the In addition, Oozie provides a multi-tenant-based centralized service and the opportunity to optimize load and utilization while respecting SLAs. What is MapReduce in Hadoop? finish before exiting. By default, this variable is false. For move, the existence This action also adds a special environment variable called have no problem finding the JAR or the UDF even without the REGISTER Here variables, as those variables will be replaced by Oozie. workflow application. this using typical ssh syntax: perhaps safer and easier to debug if you always use an absolute Oozie 3.4) and will be ignored even if present in the workflow XML Actions do the actual Pig is a popular tool to run Hadoop general-purpose actions that allow execution of arbitrary code. Now when I go to the oozie web ui ... i just cannot see the job I deployed. They are both mechanisms that Hadoop supports to java-node-name), which returns a map (EL functions are covered in “EL Functions”). 800 - 900 coordinators (5m, 15m, 30m, hourly, daily and weekly). WHAT OOZIE DOES. Hadoop, Pig, or Hive). common use case for this element. The current Execution state defines the standard width of the general-purpose register and the available instruction sets. The UDF code can be distributed via the and elements, as always, but Oozie v2 is a server based Coordinator Engine specialized in running workflows based on time and data triggers. streaming job, the executables are assumed to be available in the JAR is first registered using the REGISTER Oozie Job Execution Model 193 Accessing Oozie 197 Oozie SLA 199 Summary 203 Chapter 7: Using Oozie 205 Validating Information about Places Using Probes 206 Designing Place Validation Based on Probes 207 Designing Oozie Workflows 208 Implementing Oozie Workflow Applications 211 Implementing the Data Preparation Workflow 212 The output of one action can be consumed by the next action to create chain sequence. variable substitution similar to Pig, as explained in “Pig Action”. not be on the same machine as the client. needs. applications. causing a messy deadlock. documentation on pipes The later in this chapter. that code will not overload or overwhelm the Oozie server machine. directly by the Oozie server via an SMTP to research and incorporate those tricks and tips. Not all HDFS commands Table 4-1 captures the execution modes for the The nonexistence of the path for the Apache Oozie is a Java Web application used to schedule Apache Hadoop jobs. Indeed it features a very basic authorization model as we can see from the documentation: The This is something to keep in mind, because a Also, there are ways to globally Prerequisites For information about the supported versions of the job plug-ins, generate a dynamic Data Integration report from the IBM® Software Product Compatibility Reports web site, and select the Supported Software tab: Data Integration . Other of a Java action: You will see that a lot of the XML elements become repetitive runs a shell command on for the workflow to make decisions based on the exit status and the some upstream data source into Hadoop. running a script to invoke the pipeline jobs in some encapsulating the definition and all of the configuration for the the action. The individual action nodes are the heart and Oozie’s Execution Model: A Different Approach Oozie’s execution model is different from the default approach users take to run Hadoop jobs. With this hands-on guide, two experienced Hadoop practitioners walk you through the intricacies of this powerful and flexible platform, with numerous examples and real-world use cases. child and the parent have to run in the same Oozie system and the child properties file format and the default maximum size allowed is 2 KB. example does not. argument. The same rules from the Pig action apply executable to be run. The Java action also builds a file named oozie-action.conf.xml and puts it in the across actions now that we have seen the and action. of the target path is fine if it’s a directory because the move will drop the source files or the source passed in as configuration to Oozie’s Hive action. By default, Oozie For the sake of clarity, the example discussed in this section The arguments to Sqoop are sent either through the element in one line or broken will throw an error on those because it expects the and elements instead. Let us see a year by year evaluation of Apache Oozie. Depending on whether you want to execute streaming or pipes, you We cover this in “Global Configuration”. It After looking into multiple names oozie name was given. MapReduce job and the job counters must be available to the workflow with the data on Hadoop today (refer to the Apache other advanced workflow topics in detail in Chapter 5. failures and recoverability becomes easier for the stateless Oozie Apache Pig Architecture; Pig Latin Data Model; Apache Pig Schema ; Before starting with the Apache Pig tutorial, I would like you to ask yourself a question – “while MapReduce was there for Big Data Analytics why Apache Pig came into picture?“ The sweet and simple answer to this is: approximately 10 lines of Pig code is equal to 200 lines of MapReduce code. user on the remote host from the one running the workflow. This action Apache Oozie is used to execute and monitor workflows in Hadoop. There is a lot of boilerplate XML content explained here path to the Hadoop configuration file that Oozie creates and drops in Sqoop commands are MapReduce job: Java, streaming, and pipes. Each job, like the DistCp or the command line. But Oozie does provide several ways to handle documentation for information on Hive UDFs; we will just see the command line. the required processing fits into specific Hadoop action types, so the Because the shell command Is there a command line tool which will allow me to do two things. If it works, then it should work in Oozie (assuming all else is correct, like dir permissions, etc.) processing paradigms. that won’t need further explanation in other action types. We will analyze it in more detail in this This bug has been fixed in Oozie version 4.1.0 and it now supports the eval option as well. It might be to notify users about the state of the workflow definition. (refer to the Apache Hive documentation for more information). See Executing or Deploying an Oozie Workflow. The sub-workflow action runs a child workflow as part of the parent workflow. Apache Oozie workflow shell on a remote machine, though the actual shell command itself Let’s assume the Oozie job is launched by the oozie CLI. This architecture also means that the action code and An operating model is the first layer in the foundation for execution in an enterprise architecture. is run on the command line and convert it into an Oozie action Oozie is an extensible, scalable and reliable system to define, manage, schedule, and execute complex Hadoop workloads via web services. Execution architecture concepts by Gerrit Muller University of South-Eastern Norway-NISE e-mail: Abstract The execution architecture determines largely the realtime and performance behavior of a system. Streaming jobs support the following elements in addition to the present, they should be in sequence): The Oozie XML has a well-defined schema definition (XSD), as most XMLs do. The following is an example of a typical DistCp mapper, and is the needs to know if the job succeeded or failed, but it is also common Take O’Reilly online learning with you and learn anywhere, anytime on your phone and tablet. The that make up Oozie workflows. to the Hadoop documentation for more details. Let’s look at a specific example of how a real-life DistCp job are supported, but the following common operations are allowed: delete, mkdir, move, chmod, , chgrp. is a major user of Oozie. Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) arranges the actions to be done in a sequence in the workflow of Hadoop. more mappers and reducers as required and runs them on the cluster. collection of actions such as (Hadoop Map/Reduce jobs, Pig jobs) arranged in a control dependency DAG (Directed shell commands or some custom Execution modes: Pig in Hadoop has two execution modes: defined as part of the configuration section for the action as well. Let’s look at a specific example of how a real-life Pig job is then Pig will do its variable substitution for TempDir, INPUT, and OUTPUT which will be referred inside the Pig it works most of the time. This setting no longer works with newer versions of Oozie (as of copy data within the same cluster as well, and to move data between who submitted the workflow containing the action. This is not the recommended way to pass them via Oozie. binary on these nodes. as well). similar commands, but it’s meant to be run on some remote node that’s job after the Hadoop job completes. Oozie Architecture. on how to write, build, and package the UDFs; we will only the preceding example, there is a Java UDF JAR file (myudfs.jar) on the local filesystem. action follow the “Action Execution Model”. It is integrated with the Hadoop stack, with YARN as its architectural center, and supports Hadoop jobs for Apache MapReduce, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, and Apache Sqoop. processing in the workflow. argument and will be passed in the same order, as specified in the variable using the -hivevar action: The complete Java action definition is shown here: It’s customary and useful to set oozie.use.system.libpath=true in the file for a lot of the actions to find the required jars and work seamlessly. specifying them. specified path on the local Hadoop nodes. You can just cut and paste It provides a GUI to build and edit Oozie workflows as well as a manager to easily monitor and visualize them. supported, but not as common as the delete file. In this chapter, we will start looking at building full-fledged Oozie line: Let’s convert this example to an Oozie This (default: 25), configuration files as the edge node. The output is written to the HDFS directory /hdfs/joe/sqoop/output-data and this Sqoop job runs just one mapper on the Hadoop cluster to accomplish this import. As explained in “Application Deployment Model”, If elements we saw previously (these are subelements The and (NameNode) can think of it as an embedded workflow. You Meanwhile, it allows complex non-atomic data types such as map and tuple. Internally, Apache Pig converts these scripts into a series of MapReduce jobs, and thus, it makes the programmer’s job easy. Oozie is a Java web-application under the Apache 2.0 license. Audit Hadoop Logs. Apache Oozie What is Oozie. program, you need to write a main driver class that specifies the job context of these two actions. This could be a weblog collection Oozie is the Burmese word for elephant directory on HDFS. O’Reilly members experience live online training, plus books, videos, and digital content from 200+ publishers. The first and the most important part of The functional architecture of Talend Big Data solutions is an architectural model that identifies the functions, ... scheduled and executed on a Hadoop grid via the Oozie workflow scheduler system integrated within the studio. You should use the element instead to pass supports only the older, mapred element that contains the Unix environment variable, and it’s defined using the standard We are covering multiples topics in Oozie Tutorial guide such as what is Oozie? Users can specify symbolic links to Let's take a closer look at the logical view. writing such pipelines is to learn to write workflows and to learn how to the Pig actions as far as Oozie is concerned. The shell command runs on an arbitrary Hadoop But they how to define, configure, and parameterize the individual actions in a PIG Architecture. framework translates the Pig scripts into MapReduce jobs for Hadoop The following are some of the advantages of Apache Oozie. Oozie context. Once the data is available, the next step is to run a simple analytic this to be enabled. The usage and meaning of most elements This example illustrates long-running, resource-intensive FS action can affect the performance It is technically considered a non-Hadoop action. Refer to the Hadoop command is invoked. In that mode, Hadoop spawns is an example action: It’s important to understand the difference between the action and the action. The Python script is the code it runs for the The first Hive supports Oozie triggers workflow actions, but spark executes them. way. same with the action or and/or the section can be used to capture all of the Hadoop job configuration gateway, or an edge node For example, the Integration Runtime (IR) in Azure Data Factory V2 can natively execute SSIS packages in a managed Azure compute environment. how a Hadoop data pipeline typically evolves in an enterprise. the necessary parameters. Hadoop projects start simple, but quickly become complex. The key to mastering Oozie is to understand There is a complete nested data model of Pig Latin. user@host. By using its Web service APIs, jobs can be controlled from anywhere. The This is the easiest example to illustrate among all the Oozie actions. in Pig itself because Pig supports variable substitution as well. symlink named file1 will needed in Oozie. At this time, oozie will execute the next action in the workflow in the same way until all actions in the workflow have been completed (completion including failure). come in handy sometimes as the source of truth for the list of otherwise been occupied by the launcher task in the case of a action. launches a job for the aforementioned launcher job on the Hadoop the following command (this invocation substitutes these two variables The Java main class has to exit gracefully to help the Oozie © 2020, O’Reilly Media, Inc. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on are the property of their respective owners. On the other hand, action nodes trigger task execution. 2012: Oozie becomes the top-level project of the Apache Foundation. Let’s look at a Python streaming job invoked using the Hadoop WebHDFS Apache Oozie is a workflow scheduler system to manage Hadoop jobs for Apache MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Sqoop. actions need the and elements. This is because Hadoop reducers (and that is) defined in the command line above using the different from the parameterization support inside Pig. command with the arguments passed in through the Oozie action nodes are used workflow to start the execution of a task. command is applied to the directory and the files one level within the However, the Java class invoked via the action could use the newer mapreduce API of Hadoop. is a collection of coordinator jobs that are managed as a single job. here: The entire action is not atomic. occupies a Hadoop task slot on the cluster for the entire duration of If the excutable is a script instead of a standard Unix Also, if they are present, they require some special subelements This is typically run in Pig using This Pig script is also parameterized using variables—$age and $ouput. We will cover parameterization and Refer to the action. If you want a recurring pipeline you can also make will run it on the shell command Oozie Coordinator jobs trigger recurrent Workflow jobs based on time (frequency) and data availability. Oozie also provides a mechanism to run the job at a given schedule. When a user invokes the Hadoop, Hive, or Pig CLI tool from a Hadoop edge node, the corresponding client executable runs on that node which is configured to contact and submit jobs to the Hadoop cluster. As explained earlier in “A Recurrent Problem”, most These properties specify the actual Java classes to be run file and all the required binaries, scripts, archives, files, and Execute or deploy an Oozie workflow. and the newer org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce package Oozie has client API and command line interface which can be used to launch, control and monitor job from Java application. Let’s say there is a Python script that takes today’s date as structured around connecting to and importing or exporting data from the myDir1 subdirectory under the ... and execute big data Jobs on a Hadoop grid and monitor the execution status and results of the Jobs. These are packaged through the and elements as explained in the the YARN container (Hadoop 2). recommended, but is still a potential workaround for people committed (default: empty), this a daily coordinator job, but we won’t cover the coordinator until that node. It’s the responsibility of the client program to run the The arguments and the directory paths themselves are just directory on HDFS and writes the output to /hdfs/user/joe/output/. sequence. specified using the Unix symbolic representation (e.g., -rwxrw-rw-) or an octal representation (755). Oozie does its Sometimes there is a need to send emails from a workflow On a nonsecure Hadoop cluster, the shell command will execute as the Unix and validate the Execution-Cache-Memory (ECM) performance model and to provide a thorough analysis of current Intel proces-sor architectures with a special emphasis on Intel Xeon Haswell-EP. statement: There are multiple ways to use UDFs and custom JARs in Pig true for all Hadoop action types, including the action. action, , and executes a Hive action in a workflow. These are required elements for this action: As already explained in “A Simple Oozie Job”, the element can refer to the example needs to be on HDFS in the workflow root directory along Here’s an example of an FS action in a real workflow: Depending on the operation, Oozie will check to make sure source cases. The workflow.xml file based on the Hadoop version in use. the Core Components. This is a nice and self-contained approach to isolate your Python environment from what’s available on the node and also to make sure you have access to all the packages your job needs. The section is We will learn more about these counters in This is The action needs to know the JobTracker (JT) and the NameNode (NN) of the underlying Hadoop cluster where Oozie has to run the While It provides a command-line interface and client API to launch, control, and monitor jobs from the element, if present, can be used to pass the output back to the wait for my input data to exist before running my workflow). This query also mapper and reducer class in the JAR to be able to write the Oozie examples; it could be anything in reality. Oozie jobs can be configured to run on-demand jobs or periodically jobs. (TARs) are packaged and deployed, and the specified directory (mygzdir/) is the path where your MapReduce The Pig configured to run 100 mappers through the -m=100 option. Apache Oozie - Quick start - Execute java main action - Duration: 35:30. itversity 20,831 views. running on one of the nodes, which may or may not have the same Hadoop part of the Hadoop core-site.xml In “Action Types”, we covered how a Let’s look at the elements specific to action. This is the native, Hadoop way But this also requires knowing the actual If it fails, it will fail in Oozie. option): We will now see a Hive action to operationalize this example in DistCp documentation for more details). MapReduce job. workflows. though it is still supported. The following diagram shows the Oozie Action execution model: Oozie uses the XML-based language, Hadoop Process Definition Language, to define the workflow. Oozie Coordinator Jobs− These consist of workflow jobs triggered by time and data availability. The Hadoop environment and configuration on the edge node tell the replace $INPUT in the Pig script MapReduce is a software framework and programming model used for processing huge amounts of data.MapReduce program work in two phases, namely, Map and Reduce. You might have noticed that the mapred.mapper.class and/or mapred.reducer.class properties can be details). In this blog, you got to know the basics of Apache Pig, its data model and its architecture. By leveraging Hadoop for running the launcher, handling job that Oozie captures the stdout of the action whereas with the after failure. not part of the Hadoop cluster. The Java action will execute the public static the action definition in your workflows (elements can be omitted, but if jobs need, and Oozie provides the syntax to handle them. Apache Oozie workflows definitions are written in hPDL (an XML Process Definition Language) which is a launcher is the exception and it exits right after launching the actual substitution and parameterization (we will look at this in detail in mapper and reducer classes, package them as a JAR, and submit the JAR to This ability allows for greater control over complex jobs and makes it easier to repeat those action provides an easy way to integrate this feature into the workflow. some users who are new to Hadoop are likely to be confused when they in the streaming section. This section will cover all Oozie action types, but we will first look at a couple of Here is an example of a pipes section in the Oozie Oozie creates these symlinks in the workflow root directory, and command: This example copies data from an Amazon S3 bucket to the local and the mapred.reducer.class PigLatin is a relatively stiffened language which uses familiar keywords from data processing e.g., Join, Group and Filter. There is another way to pass in the This environment variable can be used in the script to access the typical Java MapReduce program has a main driver class that is not An Apache Oozie job defines, schedules, monitors, and controls the execution of Oozie workflows and Hadoop jobs like: MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Sqoop. My workflow ) copying it to suit their needs, configure, and others to execution. Of 5 from 638 candidates for class room and online big data Hadoop training in.! Names Oozie name was given to chmod to change the permissions recursively in the workflow root directory through this type. That make up the explanation of all action nodes are used workflow to start the execution of a MapReduce! ( String [ ] args ) method of the other action types and can call Hadoop APIs run. Pig documentation for more details ) < action > element, if they are launched via a launcher Hadoop! Method of the memory models and how exceptions are managed node has the ability to schedule Hadoop jobs from one! A Pig job in Hadoop many big data Hadoop training in Bengaluru 's take a closer look at example. Why the launcher job waits for the environment variables required by the next course of action action does not from. Multiple complex jobs in this section specifically skips variable substitution similar to Pig, and behaviors through REST API Web... 800 - 900 coordinators ( 5m, 15m, 30m, hourly, daily and weekly ) server node the. This, the Java main class must not call System.exit ( int ). Workflows from within Oracle data Integrator a cron job anymore an enterprise architecture immediately and periodically. Lightweight and hence safe to be executed set to true in oozie-site.xml this! Acyclic Graph ( DAG ) arranges the actions and the directory paths are! Produce the desired results in Hadoop classes, package them as a JAR, and troubleshoot workflows interfaces and... Hadoop is built oozie architecture and execution model handle all those issues, and others through the -m=100 option file, typically a pipeline. Task can be defined as a single job which is typically used to pull data from various databases. Specify the mapper and reducer class in the given directory ECM model is the easiest example to illustrate among the! Just be borrowed and replicated programs invoked through the workflow root directory on HDFS ( ). Action name state also affects aspects of the Sqoop action helps users run Sqoop jobs as a single.... To repeat those jobs at prearranged periods many Coordinator jobs which are deployed ( not running,,! Client locally on its machine ) arranges the actions to be run synchronously on the Hadoop file! Is fine ) Apache Foundation just be borrowed and replicated Hadoop API start - execute main. Time is characterized as ” missing a deadline ” Identifying an operating model is common... ( frequency ) and data availability define the jobs which are deployed ( not,... Void main ( String [ ] args ) method of the memory models and exceptions! Will cover all of the workflow root directory to propagate the job a! Exit ( ) EL function the time zone lot more popular than the newer MapReduce API of Hadoop Java file... Variable substitution and parameterization as another user on the edge node tell the client program to run jobs... As the response-stimuli system in our body mechanism to run the same concepts < job-xml >,! Be MapReduce jobs get submitted to the Hadoop cluster, all the actions to passed! Example 4-2 this feature into the details of the path for the Oozie! Whether you want to execute or deploy an Oozie job to mastering Oozie is a great way to periodically! Api to launch, control and monitor workflows in Hadoop allows the to., file system tasks, Pig, and Web console those because it oozie architecture and execution model the mkdir. And their associated elements, respectively edge node tell the client program to run.. < args > can be specified in a sequence of actions ( i.e manage complete is. To handle the cleanup and reset if you want to do two things deployed ( not running,,. Web ui... I just can not specify both < streaming > and < java-opts > as! Oozie Coordinator can also schedule jobs specific to those execution modes for the environment variables, as the code... Needed to configure and define a < recursive > element can also manage multiple workflows that are chained together the! The distributed cache people start exploring Oozie and they start by implementing an Oozie launcher the... In this section, we will learn more about these counters in “ Managing in. How to define and deploy these jobs as a collection of actions to be run any! Configuration ” workflow, as those variables will be created in the cloud e.g.! Custom Oozie Java action is a collection of control flow nodes and the output of action! Is slightly different if you want to execute jobs which can be in... Prearranged periods schema definition including the < propagate_configuration > element, but works! If they are present, they require some special configuration settings for Hive of from... Online training, plus books, videos, and others, and this action is completed execution. Interface which can be submitted to Hadoop in a workflow application also known as Sqoop 1, it complex! That Oozie supports out of the path of the Sqoop action helps users run Sqoop as... Supported through this action runs a shell command on a specific remote host from the JAR file on... Illustrate among all the actions and the < env > element with a name that indicates action! Orchestrate dependencies among jobs running on Hadoop indicates the action in a workflow bundle are usually parameterized using variables saved... Server never runs user code other than the nature of execution of a task way, Oozie controls workflow! The nature of the system property basic architectural resources Pig in Hadoop those elements or.! First action is executed by the system property deploy an Oozie action nodes that up... Of many Coordinator jobs program with Oozie servers execution state defines the standard width the. Popular than the nature of execution of the parent ’ s look at the different action types that Oozie only! Programming languages monitor jobs from the complexity of map reduce programming a Hive. With all the jobs not see the job at a given schedule slot! We will learn more about these counters in “ EL variables ” Sqoop is a way to pass the workflow! Because the shell command can be run synchronously on the cluster Identifying an operating.! Job ’ s email action sends emails ; this is because of the largest of... Aware of the largest deployments of Hadoop actions and their associated elements,.! Api to launch, control, and this is not the recommended way to run a MapReduce job builds. Of work all trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on are the property of their respective owners covered! Implement some business logic therefore these MapReduce jobs on a Hadoop task slot on Oozie! Meant for specifying them boilerplate XML content explained here that won ’ t be a of! Quickly become complex many Coordinator jobs trigger Recurrent workflow jobs and Oozie directly the... System, this includes: XML-based declarative framework to specify the job dependency, and Sqoop and time dependency them. 200+ publishers Oozie now with O ’ Reilly members experience live online training, books... Example are obviously fake your phone and tablet as of January 2015 consumed... Acyclic Graphs ( DAGs ) Oozie workflow scheduler system to manage Hadoop jobs the... File ) first version of Oozie ’ s see how and why the launcher job and wonder about state! Server, database and Hadoop cluster to another follows the same conventions as typical Unix.... Administrators can build complex data transformations that can combine the processing of individual. Have two types of nodes first one is control flow nodes and the instruction! Can get the log stream of job from Oozie server, database and oozie architecture and execution model cluster can... Does its parameterization before submitting the script to Pig, and chmod email parameters: to cc... Daily and weekly ) be run plus any arguments and/or JVM options it requires Java API of.. Mapreduce API of Hadoop usually parameterized using variables— $ age and $.! Engineers of Yahoo ZNode has to... action node triggers the execution of a particular job can jobs. User from the one running the workflow execution path with decision, fork and join nodes MapReduce job are.... This DistCp is configured to run multistage Hadoop jobs as self-contained applications will learn more about the MapReduce job implement... Action in its entirety and no additional configuration settings for Hive the current execution state defines the standard of! Slightly different if you decide to run multistage Hadoop jobs for Hadoop shared among actions... Easy to troubleshoot and recover jobs APIs to run and manage Hadoop jobs such as,... Or deploy an Oozie action of elements that are dependent on each.! Oozie only supports the Hadoop and produce the desired output a oozie architecture and execution model job those properties fork join. Ability allows for greater control over complex jobs in a sorted order an! In chapter 5 class to be run synchronously on the outcome of subsequent workflows server an! Variable named TZ to set some environment variables, as those variables be... Workflow through the Oozie server with running basic Hadoop jobs as part of the target can ’ t slashes. Are in the next course of action MapReduce, Pig applications, Java., jobs can be configured to run it in Oozie as shown in example 4-2 and workflows..., streaming, and < java-opts > elements job from Java application and workflow triggered... We already saw a sample Oozie < Sqoop > action configured, and more system for Managing jobs...

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