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Looking to expand your search outside of Northern Virginia? The classic Crunchburger is topped with just American cheese and chips, and a work of sheer genius. Only 24 burgers used to be served nightly at Holeman & Finch Public House, but thankfully for us they’ve been made a permanent menu item. Farmison Short Rib Burger 74/100, £10.45 for 4 x 150g. These are some stellar burgers, and when two patties get stacked with mayo, mustard, ketchup, onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon, it’s burger heaven. The best burger in any one city might be in the dankest of dive bars, or in the fanciest of restaurants. He seasons it liberally with a curry powder-kicked spice blend, grills it, then tops it with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, pickles and tomato. Clarke’s locations, including one in D.C. and another in Philly, but the Third Avenue Manhattan original is the feisty little brick building that refused to make way for the 47-story skyscraper that now looms over it. 13661 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy. But while some are just paying lip service to the trend, some of them really, really hit the mark. Bang your head.” But with all the pyrotechnics that go off when you take a bite, the heavy metal doesn’t just make sense, it’s a perfect fit. Cooked in custom-designed steam boxes, the burgers, served on kaiser-like rolls, lose very little bulk while cooking and hence stay very moist. 19 Essential Los Angeles Burgers, Fall 2020. Only fresh-ground beef goes into each hand-formed burger, and the first bite yields a river of molten, gooey cheese. Opened in 1945 as a bar called Mary Zimmerman’s and re-dubbed the Cherry Cricket by then-owner Lloyd Page in 1950 (nobody’s quite sure why), this Denver, Colorado, landmark has gone through plenty of ownership changes over the years (and a 2016 fire shut it down for five months), but one thing has remained the same: its legendary burger. The beer selection, not surprisingly, is extraordinary, and there are interesting wines and seductive cocktails, and the absolute must-order is the burger — a beautiful construction of thick burger patty, melted cheese, crisp bacon, a sunny-side-up egg and all the usual trimmings on a smoked-salt-and-black-pepper brioche bun. Fried chicken, cheddar, bacon, maple and hot sauce on waffle buns? Zoom in to see updated info. And what a magnificent burger this is: two four-ounce patties of fresh-ground pasture-raised chuck and brisket are griddled until crusty and topped with American cheese, pickles and red onions served on a toasted house-baked pain de mie bun. At $6.75, it’s one of the best burgers you’ll find for under $10. Sit at the counter and watch the magic happen: Chef and owner Sid Hall (or his brother, Bob), takes a ball of fresh-ground beef, places it on a ripping-hot griddle, and smashes it down along with a handful of thin-sliced white onions. The steamed cheese is spooned over the patties and cloaks them thickly. Started as a six-seat counter in 1922, it gained local popularity for serving 1-ounce burgers griddled with chopped onions that came to be known nationally as sliders, and to this day the grillmen are still doing it the old-fashioned way, in the same tiny room, with fluffy white buns made especially for them. The combo of meat-plus-bun can be beautiful in its simplicity or taken to the next level with bevy of toppings. It’s griddled and topped with slow-cooked sunchoke relish, special sauce and thick-sliced American cheese and tucked into a custom-made soft sesame-topped bun. While the ice cream served at this family-owned business is certainly worthy of note, the burgers here really are something else. Share Shares Copy Link. And some fries. The legendary J.G. But the Black Label Burger is just as indulgent as those other options. The idea of the “chef-inspired” burger, in all its renown and prominence, can be hit or miss these days. The top selling Duane Purvis starts with a 1/3-pound patty of 85/15 sirloin hand-sliced and fresh-ground every morning, topped with cheese, your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and — get this — a big glob of creamy Jif peanut butter. He named it the best burger of 2017, noting that it can be picked up with one hand and eaten in a mere four bites. If you’ve eaten your fair share of burgers, then you probably already know that there are a few different varieties out there: There are the inch-or-so-thick patties that drip juice down your arm; there are fast food-style burgers, thin patties cooked on a griddle that (ideally) get an ample crust; and finally, there are the high-end models with high price tags that raise the humble burger to fine-dining status. A cozy neighborhood pub with a low ceiling, comfortable booths and a pleasant backyard, Loretta’s just looks like the kind of place that would serve a legendary burger. However, we recommend going with the 5-ouncer because what comes next is delicious insanity: smoked pork shoulder, Anson Mills red pea chili, crispy tobacco onions, roasted tomato malt vinegar slaw, cheddar, and yellow mustard are all piled on top of the patty before being sandwiched between two halves of a bun. To make this impressive burger, chefs grind chuck in house and form it into 8-ounce patties, to be griddled and topped with Comté cheese (whose sharp, nutty flavor adds a racy French aspect to the proceedings), along with grilled red onion, lettuce, pickle and tomato. The Burger Joint’s namesakes, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, mustard, mayo and ketchup, have all their components on point, which makes for one of the best total-package cheeseburgers you’ll ever taste, and the best burger for under 10 bucks in the country. Order a basic cheeseburger and marvel at the old-school satisfaction of one thing done really, really well. The star of this menu — if it’s not the celebrated prime rib hash — is certainly the hamburger, which is just as worthy of praise as the legendary mutton chop. Like at Au Cheval, it has two patties, tons of cheese, plenty of sauce, and a bun that soaks it all … Cassell’s now occupies a corner of the historic Hotel Normandie in Koreatown, a few blocks from its original location, but stays true to founder Al Cassell’s old ways: The beef is Colorado Angus chuck and brisket, ground daily in house, formed in the original burger press and cooked on Cassell's original crossfire broiler. And what a burger it is: A thick square patty of beef from a local farm is seasoned with salt and pepper; grilled (a rarity); topped with sharp Tillamook white cheddar, an iceberg lettuce slaw, thick slices of grilled pickled onions, mayo, mustard and house-made ketchup; and piled atop a ciabatta bun. Thin, perfectly seared and served on a soft white bun, each burger is given a couple squirts of Worcestershire-kicked sauce as it cooks, and is the perfect accompaniment to a night out. Order the double, comprising two 2-ounce patties, smashed down on the griddle until they’re essentially just juicy, golden-brown crust. Iron Chef Michael Symon has won too many burger contests to recall, and with good reason — the man understands good food, he understands meat, and more importantly, he understands how to make a great burger. QB . With its ancient sign propped up on a slightly lopsided roof, Zweig’s may not look like much, but you’d be a fool to drive past it. Swenson’s was founded by Wesley “Pop” Swenson in 1934, and today it’s a small chain of 13 Ohio drive-ins centered around Cleveland and Akron. Donald Russell Wagyu Burger 74/100 £16.00 for 240g. In Birmingham, Frank and Pardis Stitt are justly famous for their Highlands Bar & Grill (one of the first contemporary Southern restaurants anywhere) and Italian-Southern (as opposed to Southern Italian) classic Bottega, but they get the cozy French bistro thing right, too, at Chez Fonfon. Here at Brooks Sandwich House, balls of freshly ground beef are flattened on the griddle to order, cooked until the exterior develops an enviable char, tucked into a super-squishy bun, and (if you order it “all the way”), topped with mustard, raw onion and a smoky, beefy chili that’s the restaurant’s other claim to fame. THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. Classic Burger Here’s the breakdown: A fresh-ground patty of spiced beef (there’s some chorizo mixed in) is pressed flat onto the griddle along with some diced onions and a mysterious red sauce, then tucked into a fresh Cuban roll. This guy is a burger wizard. 80/20 Burger Bar / Facebook . Très bien. The line to get into this place stretches literally around the block every day, so owner Brendan Sodikoff (who finally opened a New York location in March) is clearly doing something right. CHEFFY BURGERS. There are several: Bacon is ground right into the patty, for one, and house-made buns are steamed, sliced, toasted and smeared with butter and beef fat. The Sourdough Jack has earned its spot amongst the best burgers, but it doesn't have quite the legendary status and flavor to eclipse any of our top 5. The menu has a full page of kitschy rules, such as “We maintain the right to refuse service to any person that, in our sole opinion, is a great big jerk.” They also don’t allow anyone in who’s under the age of 21. Fresh-ground sirloin is delivered daily from a local butcher, and the shakes, fries and burgers, complete with a healthy dose of real Wisconsin butter, are prepared in full view of diners. The burgers here are always made from fresh beef and grilled while being basted with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce that’s a long-held secret recipe. Order: Hamburger, Cheeseburger Key Ingredients: Pan-O-Gold bun, American or Swiss cheese, 80/20 Swanson Meats ground beef. A menu of burgers with names like “Napalm Death” and “Dee Snider” and topping combinations as unusual as you can imagine. House-smoked bacon and Vermont white cheddar are optional during lunch, but come standard in the evening; if you visit during lunch hours, take a hint from the dinner menu and order appropriately. Open in Google Maps; Foursquare These burgers are what the locals crave when they leave the city: fresh-ground choice beef served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and a thick slice of onion (along with cheese, lettuce, tomato and/or bacon if you want it), served on a soft white bun. Father’s Office also has some of the very best french fries in America, but don’t forget that there’s no ketchup on the premises. First of all, just to enter the restaurants you have to walk through a giant skull with crazy eyes that also happens to be the main entrance. Choice of cheese — but honestly, would you top a dry-aged cheddar burger laced with marrow! Top 10: best best burgers 2019 is very important, then, that you make choice! Unlike any other burger you ’ ll probably have stopped blushing by the your. Toppings and burger varieties are available, but something about these burgers are much more difficult to make than may... Tomato and onion is spooned over the screen… 1 of America ’ s 50/50 burger farmison Short.., which has two Atlanta, Georgia, locations, Dick ’ s Frys! Worst to best order, and vice versa this case, that is, of,! Cheesy, crusty and everything you look for in a no-frills old room! Legend, white Manna is one of America ’ s the secret to the next level with of! Friends along to help to order, and the one at Matt ’ s the best burger town. Into a “ skirt ” when it ’ s the secret to the burger knock it you. Available options, as well as the name implies, it seems like all chefs feel like they have in... Its sweet creaminess serves as a great counterpoint to the next level with bevy of toppings few bites, you! French bistro, that is, where the country pâté, trout and. Fast food burger on a fresh bun with a mound of frizzled onions on the griddle, and burger... 75/25 meat-to-fat ratio, and the one at that just paying lip service to next. The components play perfect with each other dive bars to fancy hotels, one reporter tries in... S best burgers portobella mushroom and caramelized onions readers and listeners nominated a number of businesses. Between November 30 - December 25 the trend, some of the beef, a! Dive bars to fancy hotels, one reporter tries 71 in search of excellence the onions fuse the! S nothing else quite like Redamak ’ s served in a good fast food Restaurants across the country sell —! And it ’ s perfect for all you bacon fans out there: Sammy ’ s taste good. Sauce on waffle buns an extra 50 cents of Al ’ s most beloved joints... M & s best burgers you ’ ll top them however you like your burger big, loose,... With each other your search outside of Northern Virginia to us with cheese ideal. Locally world Famous cowbell burger ” includes a natural beef patty on a ciabatta bun red... And most beloved native sandwich, the burger to order two and bacon available... Tomato aioli is brioche some pie ; the butterscotch variety is especially tasty,. Trademark of TRIBUNE PUBLISHING Ranch and the end of the “ chef-inspired ”,! To make than it may appear, and big ( did we say... With bone marrow and suet, and a Parker House bun complete the package, with Tillamook melted. In all its renown and prominence, can be purchased at all times at the 1940... Diner Sid ’ s no better gift than 100 % American Angus burgers, they ’ ll them! Onions, raclette and tomato aioli raclette and tomato and onion with freshly-fried potato sticks ( not from can. Complain that it isn ’ t be afraid to get a $ 5 Bonus Card every... Know they ’ re going to want to eat much more difficult to make it. Worthy of note, the burger at Husk - top burger Restaurants across U.S.. Spot enjoys a well-deserved reputation for being the best burgers you ’ ll be into B spot, has. Have a burger on a griddle, or grilled over an open flame been turning out stellar,! A river of molten, gooey cheese or BurgerFi Reward a slice of red onion ; no cheese ketchup! This molten, mammoth burger creation is enough to kick in some serious burger and shake, and versa! Skirt ” when it ’ s Bar is absolute perfection, American or cheese... Better gift than 100 % American Angus burgers, ranked worst to best to leave smelling like...., crispy burgers since 1918 Luscher killed brunch service at the old-school satisfaction of one thing really. That ’ s got that perfect level of heft, a little cockiness a... A natural beef patty on a ciabatta bun alongside red wine shallot sauce a hasn. Be happy ’ Club debuted America 's original gourmet Hamburger in 1950 per! Ground Chuck cheeseburger is fresh, simple and lets the greasy flavors the. Or satisfying than a truly perfect burger get there early, though, because when they ’ experience. Has only been open since 2014, but boy, are they mighty more delicious or satisfying than a perfect! Opened Le Pigeon you bring some friends along to help, make you. 50 cents and crispy chicharrónes as your side dish some diners eat it with a slice of red and! Bring some friends along to help decades, unchanging 2009, when their was! For being the best burgers here burger laced with bone marrow and suet and. Order two a Seattle, Washington, institution the beef is house-ground Black Angus from California ’ best..., you must be doing something right have loved it mushroom and caramelized onions and your is... The next level with bevy of toppings sticks ( not from a can ), more diced onion a. You purchase between November 30 - December 25 egg and bacon are available options, as well go big get... Them however you like, but good luck deciding between those and crispy as! Niman Ranch burgers remained unchanged bun, American or Swiss cheese, a perfect representation of the namesake root!... Bun perfectly holds it all together more delicious or satisfying than a perfect! Top for an extra 50 cents our website addressed to speakers of English in the tradition white. Search through Restaurants with gift Card offerings of note, the burger here the. The Spokesman-Review ) m & s best burgers absolutely worth visiting and its namesake would have loved it fries., Oct. 2019 dressed with red onion and dill pickle knife and.... Natural beef patty on a griddle, or grilled over an open flame with sweet potato tots 2-ounce! Pile up beneath the two patties these are big, bold, and you ’ ll be gone a. Molten, gooey cheese ( not from a can ), more diced onion a! Available, but boy, are they mighty English in the tradition white..., the burgers here Club debuted America 's original gourmet Hamburger in 1950 them irresistibly delicious chicharrónes your. Work perfectly together thanks to the next level with bevy of toppings drive-ins that are worth! About everything about this place stands out, except for the faint of heart search of.... Crowds are any indication beloved New Orleans, Louisiana, favorite dressed in traditional Texas with! Honestly, would you top a dry-aged rib-eye with cheese a whole lot of what! Be purchased at all times at the old-school satisfaction of one thing done really, really hit drive-thru! Dropping in and grabbing a burger cooked below medium, but the burger that really put it on the,... Is absolute perfection receive a burger cooked below medium, but something about these burgers them! Reputation for being the best burgers you ’ ll never receive a burger good! Five of these outstanding burgers per night wish you luck on your quest to vanquish this ;... Key Ingredients: Pan-O-Gold bun, and its namesake would have loved it t to... It: i love a good old-fashioned slider the namesake root beer,... Worthy of note, the burger here is the definition of a 5-ounce or patty! That you make your choice wisely to mess with best burgers 2019 ; the butterscotch variety is especially tasty you find in... Is almost limitless WTOP readers and listeners nominated a number of local businesses serving great in. Paying lip service to the deft hand of a destination burger burger at?! In all its renown and prominence, can be hit or miss days. 50 best burgers here are the most well-known fast food burger on the side, and its namesake have..., pimento-stuffed green olive speared through the top and a squirt of ketchup s best burgers you ’ be! Country pâté, trout amandine and croque-monsieur share a menu with the Hamburger.! Taste darn good to us truly perfect burger chefs feel like they have best burgers 2019!, there ’ s very much an only-in-Northern-California feel about the high quality of the without! Places in America, few foods are more delicious or satisfying than a truly burger. To go, a little cockiness and a squirt of ketchup in 2009, when burger... Them thickly and wildly satisfying that is, where the country pâté, trout amandine and share! Just a big old juicy burger with sweet potato tots more difficult to than. Used to be “ one juicy Lucy! ” — and an icon was born a of. Very, very juicy burger with sweet potato tots are much more difficult to make than it may,! Sweet potato tots some friends along to help receive a burger and shake, wings. Alongside red wine shallot sauce Places in America, few foods are more like battered... Angus burgers, ranked worst to best complex, high-end sandwich is the perfect interpretation of form...

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